Dalgarnock Pigs was formed in 2001, in the wake of Foot and Mouth disease.Dalgarnock Pigs is a business partnership between Alan Stannett, Jock Rome and Russell Kingan, with the former acting as managing partner.

Alan Stannett comes to the partnership following 18 years service as Farm Manager to Buccleuch Estates at Thornll in Dumfriesshire. This was a mixed farming enterprise with dairy, beef, sheep, arable, as well as a pig enterprise, which was introduced in 1994. He has a lifelong interest in pig production, having completed a research project at University many years ago.

Alan Stannet

Jock Rome already farms about 450 hectares in Dumfriesshire, at Ingleston Farm, Irongray, Kirkland Farm, Terregles and Kirkbog Farm, Thomhill. Dairying is the main enterprise on these farms,with over 550 cows in three herds. His father farmed Kirkbog with a pig enterprise alongside the dairy, supplying Kirkpatrick's bacon factory in Thomhill. The factory closed down in the late seventies and so did the pig enterprise. Jock grew up with pigs, and never really lost his interest and fascination in them.

Jock Rome
Russell Kingan is based at New Abbey, just south of Dumfries. There the family business of J. Kingan and Sons runs a farming business of around 1500 acres alongside a feed compounding business and a sawmilling business. Russell's main responsibility within the company is the feed compounding and running the farms. The Company has recently expanded into new premises at Kirkbride near the M74 . He therefore brings to the partnership a tremendous knowledge and expertise in livestock feeding and straw supplies, the area that will be one of our biggest costs. Russell enjoys farming and was keen to diversify away from beef and sheep, and develop a new interest.

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